Wedding Planning - Do I Really Need a Planner?

Wedding Stage Decoration
A Wedding Stage Decoration by Team Frisco Evento in Wayanad

Whenever there is a wedding coming up in the family, we become so happy, excited and thrilled as we know it is going to bring a lot of colorful moments, strengthen our family bondings and extend our relationship boundaries.

The whole family is then involved in fixing the date, finding the right venue, choosing the wedding theme, bride/groom costumes, wedding programs, event details, accommodations, selecting from pool of catering menus and invitation cards. Ooh thats a lot do! but indeed these are fun filled activities which could sometimes become a bit challenging and overwhelming as you've to look around and google for all possible options, design ideas, read a lot about how did others do it, listen to elders opinions, youngsters crazy ideas, requests from distant family members and still you want to do it uniquely like never before.

Well, thats still possible to achieve when you have full support from your family and friends by dividing the tasks and distributing among each other. Then comes the main challenge of coordinating them and ensuring they all follow the same quality standards in choosing and delivering the tasks they were assigned to. This also involves in making hundreds of calls and spending zillions of hours on researches just to make the big day as we have envisioned. And it doesn't stop there you always have to hope that things will go smooth as planned, God forbidden there is always a chance that unplanned incidents may happen during the events like a power failure, rain, fire, security issues, etc.

Once we achieve the goal, once the wedding is done then if we take a moment to think about what we really achieved after all those weeks or months of hassles and hard works then we will realize that in order to make it happen we actually lost the most precious thing. Those amazing moments of togetherness and happiness with our family, for what? may be to save few bucks. Those once in a lifetime moments won't come back, and it's not just us who missed those moments. Its our family too! they missed us coz we were busy planning, organizing and running after the vendors and boys.

This is the moment we realize to have taken the support from an experienced wedding planner like Frisco Evento, to whom you can offload all your headaches, and just focus on what really matters to you and your family. Let us take care of your wedding just as you wanted or beyond and uniquely than anyone has ever done it.

We Team Frisco Evento has experience in handling small weddings to weddings made for several thousand attendees. It's not just weddings we do, we do all what it needs to make it memorable forever. We start with helping in picking a theme which later matches with the designs of invitation cards, haldi/mehandi functions, stage decorations, colors used, venue decorations, catering arrangements and menu, VIP dining, transportation, accommodation, reception and may be till selecting the honeymoon packages if you wish. We do weddings in Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram, Wayanad and almost everywhere in Kerala.

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